Meet Samson the Largest Cat in New York City That Weighs 30lb & 4 Feet Long

Meet Samson, a 30 lbs (~15 kg) Maine Coon cat from NYC who is larger not only than most domesticated felines but also wild bobcats. This fluffy cat is around 4 feet long and has even been dubbed “the largest cat in NYC.” actually, he might even be the most important cat within the world. the present Guinness record holder gave up the ghost in 2013, and this huge cat is measured at 4.04 feet.

“Samson may be a very adorable cat but also a troublesome one, who fits the term gentle giant alright,” Jonathan Zurbel, Samson’s owner, told Love Meow. “He isn’t fat or overweight but a robust sturdy cat,” the cat dad said. “He waits by my (bedroom) door and comes in a very first thing within the morning to take a seat on my belly. he’s very kind and sweet and a really well-behaved cat. he’s a dream cat.”

His owner, Jonathan Zurbel (a.k.a. Splurt), 42, maybe a social media strategist, music producer, and DJ. He runs a well-liked Instagram account for Samson that has over 225K followers.

Samson and Zurbel came into each other’s lives accidentally. “He fell from heaven into my arms. Not really, but my brother got him for his ex-girlfriend and once they broke up I took care of him for a couple of weeks and that we became inseparable,” he told Mashable in an email.

According to Zurbel, Maine Coons typically weigh 15 to 18 pounds, with the utmost weight being 25 pounds.
Zurbel knew Samson would be large, but to not this extent. “We had a thought he was gonna be big, I kinda thought he would stop growing at 19 pounds,” he said.

“[He was] also taking over half my queen size bed, so once I went for his last check-up, we couldn’t believe his weight, and consistent with the vets he’s the heaviest cat on record within the local area.”

Zurbel has been pleased by the reaction to Samson on social media. “[Followers] cannot believe it, but they also adore him,” he wrote. “And that is what I would like, I would like people to ascertain a gorgeous animal who is kind, tender, funny, sweet and an excellent companion and not just specialize in his size.”

“So I’m happy numerous people adore him. he’s so beautiful and majestic.”
Zurbel told Mashable that somewhere down the road, he would really like to use Samson to boost awareness around cat issues like adoption and shelters.

Now, slide the pages below to satisfy this cute cat for yourself!

Though Samson is unconventionally big, he’s in purrfect health!

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