How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

Why Do Cats Choose One Favorite Person But Not Other?

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Cat owners know that sometimes kittens, like dogs, tend to prefer one favorite person quite everybody else within the house. Dogs and cats have always been a part of human history and over the years we learned tons about their relationship and little about the connection between cats and humans.

It’s only during these last years that researches began to unravel the mystery on this matter.

“The dog is that the ally of humankind” they assert, while this saying serves the reality about dog’s faithfulness, it on the opposite hand spreads a wrong image about kitty cats; people, especially dog owners think that kittens are selfish animals who only use humans for a household and good food.

The power of cats, besides being super cute, relies on their independence. Cats certainly survive without their owners; you don’t get to be a scientist to acknowledge this fact. But it doesn’t mean that the connection between kitties and cat owners is fake and only supported benefits, some kittens even endure depression when their owners vanish from their side. Cats choose their favorite person, so to know more the way to make your kitty pick you as his favorite person.

here is some tricks Cuteness gathered when consulting Marilyn Krieger, the author of “Naughty No More!” and a licensed Cat Behavior Consultant.

1: Why one person over another?

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Marilyn says In her book that many kitties one favorite person than others. “The favored person may be someone who feeds or plays with the cat or someone who spends lots of time around the kitty … every cat is an individual, with his and her history and personality. Skittish kitties sometimes favor someone who helps them feel secure.”

It doesn’t mean that the cat won’t show kindness to anyone else. It simply implies that they have a more mysterious relationship with their human.


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