10 Difference Between Cats And Dogs – Who’s The Better Pet

what the difference between cats and dogs? Are cats better than dogs? Or the opposite?

Both cats and dogs are very adorable companions of humans. It is very difficult for me to evaluate one of them to choose as an ideal for you. Both have different physiology, personality, and nature to suit different people. It all depends upon your choice!

cats and dogs
cats and dogs

1-Personal Space

Dogs are bulky and require vast space to maintain their instincts. On the other hand, cats require a little space to live and play. Dogs require at least a small house having bedding material in it and other basic needs; if a dog is living with you in your room then you must have noticed that they require a lot of space to sleep and play. In the case of a cat, they don’t require too much space to sleep with you.

According to my personal experience, you don’t even know that a cat is sleeping in your blanket near your feet. They also don’t need too much space to play and enjoy. They happily live and enjoy in your apartment or in your living room.

orange cat under women
cats and dogs

2-Sleeping Habits

We all know that dogs are very good night watchers. They can protect your home at night, however, cats are very sleepy and they can sleep 12 to 16 hours a day. It is also a good point for those who work in the offices and don’t have much time to enjoy with their pets.


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