8 Ways To Get A Cat To Drink More Water

get a cat to drink water
get a cat to drink more water

how to get a cat to drink more water?

Is your cat having problems with a beverage – or not taking insufficient water? From turning the faucet on to having ice cubes placed in food, the subsequent methods will show you ways to make sure that your cat takes in enough water.

The majority of cats don’t drink insufficient water. Because cats are rather self-sufficient, we tend to think that they’re mindful about their health, and most times they have a tendency to. But, I even have learned the importance of getting your cat drink enough water – with a medical scare that involved a dehydrated cat.

getting your cat to require adding more water and other facts. If an at doesn’t drink water in the least, there might be serious health complications.

Does your cat not drink water in the least or your cat doesn’t drink sufficient water? we’ve listed out the facts that are important about the cat not drinking enough water,

cat drinking water
get a cat to drink more water

1. Change the cat’s diet to mostly wet-food elements

Foods that are supplied in cats typically have more water content. supported what my vet told me, this is often the only method of getting the cat to require in additional more water also to avoid the entire dehydration of the cat.

If your cat refused to require within the food which contains water, add in broth or water to the standard dry food and stand back to ascertain whether he will eat it.

If the cat prefers canned foods, you ought to add broth or water so on increase its water content. Several cats just like the soupy nature of the mixture.

2. Try inserting ice cubes into the cat’s food

It increases the water content and it’s also almost like a cat’s treat. The cube absorbs the flavor of the food, and every time that the cat licks the cube, he gets more water.

Inserting ice cubes into the water bowl of the cat just might work if the cat refuses to tale in water.

Some cats wish to absorb water with the icy-cold quality, just about as some people do.

cat drink
get a cat to drink more water

3. Serve smaller meals more frequently

Eating creates the necessity for more water to be consumed, therefore, a cat that’s not drinking sufficient water may absorb more water, because it eats more often.

4. Water bowls should be placed all over the house

You should simplify the method of getting the cat to drink more water by placing several water stations around the house.

A cat that isn’t beverage in the least might be thanks to the very fact that the cat is being denied proper access to water.

5. Be Aware of the water bowl’s location

A cat that’s not beverage may dislike the situation of its bowl. Remove the cat’s bowl of water faraway from the litter box.

6. Make sure the bowls are refilled regularly

Cats do love water – and that we can’t blame them for that. make sure that the water is modified for a minimum of once on a day to day and also wash the bowl out completely by regularly using water and soap to avoid it from becoming gross and slimy.

water cat
get a cat to drink more water

7. Add some flavor to the water

A cat that’s not taking water might fancy beverage that’s flavored! Your cats are often easily coerced to require in additional water if the drink is flavored a touch bit like adding chicken stock or tuna juice.

8. Try using different bowl types for cats

Cats tend to be finicky with almost anything (big shocker!), and also you’ll proceed and include drinking bowls on the list.

try a couple of options (stainless steel, glass, plastic, or ceramic) and you only might determine that the cat likes a specific choice.

we are sure that if follow those steps you will get a cat to drink more water.


get a cat to drink more water