5 Herbs you can feed to Improve Your Cat’s Health

You may want to treat your cat to its favorite herbs, but not knowing what your cat can and can’t eat could also be deadly to your furry friends. And for new cat’s owners, this is so important to know. When your cat is snacking on and interested in many herbs. Some herbs could also be poisonous. Your cat may even look fine and healthy but the herbs do internal damage.

Here are five herbs that save your cat’s health. So reward them with their favorites herbs with no worry.

5. Valerian


While valerian for humans is meant to assist us to relax and sleep better, however, it’s the other effect on cats. Valerian may be a stimulate for cats. this is often an excellent herb is your cat seems to be low on energy and wishes an excellent pick me up.

4. Wheatgrass


Many humans don’t enjoy the earthy taste of wheatgrass, but cats love chewing on this plant. It helps your kitty digest its food better. Buy wheatgrass at your local farmer’s market or garden center. Simply plant in your yard and therefore the cats will like it. better of all you don’t need to tend it like windowsill herbs.

3. Catnip

herbs catnip cat health

Catnip is the most known safe herb for cats. Just devour a catnip plant and place someone where in your home where your cat can munch thereon when it wants. Fresh catnip gives kitty a sedative effect, in contrast, dried catnip can make them energetic. These are reasons why people tend to mention,” Catnip makes cats high”.

2. Cat Thyme

herbs 2. Cat Thyme cat health

Cat Thyme is incredibly stinky, so stinky that the majority of humans cannot stand to be anywhere around it. If you’ll tolerate its odor it’s great for your cat to eat and it helps to kitties.

1. Dandelion

herbs Dandelion cat health

Dandelion greens have great benefits for you and your cat! Make your cat a little salad as a snack, because dandelions are filled with vitamins and minerals. While you’re at why now make one for yourself. Always remember that cats prefer meat and don’t overfeed them with plants.

Many of those herbs can be found to buy on amazon or in some local cat’s store.