Top 5 Cat Breeds That Make Excellent Pets

cat breed for women

Would you identify yourself as a dog rather than a cat? Would you think dogs are affectionate when cats are distant and demanding? Most people have myths about cats because of their previous experience or the way they are depicted in movies or on television. The fact is, there are a number of cat breeds that are affectionate, friendly, and faithful companions.

If you want to add one to your family here are the top five breeds:


Birman women cat pet breeds

Quest for an Illustrious Bloodline Cat? The Burmese breed has been protectors of the Burmese temples and they will also be able to protect you in your house. These beautiful cats are sturdy, and they have thick, silky coats that are matting resistant. The striking breed will bring lots of oohs and ahhs from adoring tourists with blue eyes and dark dots on the nose, neck, legs, and tail.


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