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Best Dog-Like Cat Breeds For Dog Lovers

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Yes, there are cat breeds that act like dogs-like and there are canine breeds that happen to share temperament characteristics with feline furballs. Whether you’re a dog lover who wants to urge a dog-like cat or a pet parent who wishes to hunt out a cat breed that can get alongside your dogs, here’s a listing of the foremost suitable kitty breeds for you.

The following cat breeds are well-known for his or her dog-like loyalty, appearances and overall temperament.

1-Maine Coon

Maine coon cat breed

Famous for being a big cat breed, the Maine Coon easily resembles a little dog. Well-suitable for apartments and families with children and also Maine coon is a hypoallergenic cat breed and these kitties are often happy – and safe – with dog lovers who are first-time cat owners.

The Maine Coon may be a sociable kitty with a playful, yet laid-back character. thanks to their susceptibility to training you’ll easily teach them the way to play fetch and answer various commands. Furthermore, they need waterproof fur and that they require less maintenance than you would possibly think.


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