Maine Coon|16 Things You Should Know Before Having One

The Maine Coon is one of the foremost popular cat breeds within the US. it’s often the amount one choice of families looking to get a cat. There are a variety of belongings you should know before you purchase one.

Before buying a Maine Coon, what you should know is that though the acquisition price could seem high, it’s a drop by the ocean compared to the prices you’ll incur throughout the years to return. But there are quite enough positives to outweigh this expense.

Here’s what you would like to realize Maine Coons before you plan to buy one:

1. They are expensive 

If you purchase a purebred Maine Coon from a reputable breeder, expect to pay upwards of $1000. This price reflects the very fact that good, caring breeders buy screening of their breeding cats, pay to register their kittens and buy initial vaccinations.

Once you own a Maine Coon the expense doesn’t stop. you’ll get to pay for:

#  health insurance

#  Accessories such as bowls, beds, cat carrier, litter tray

#  Cat litterAnnual vaccinations and health checks

#  Monthly flea, tick and worm treatments

#  A good selection of toys

#  Scratchpads, climbing trees, etc

#  Spaying or neutering

#  Grooming equipment

#  Cat sitters or a cattery when you go on vacation

So be prepared and compute if you’ll afford to offer a Maine Coon the great care it deserves.

2. Two Maine Coons are better than one

If you’ve got only one cat in your home it’ll get bored and lonely once you leave, especially if it’s an inside cat. If you’ll afford to shop for two Maine Coons from an equivalent litter they’re going to be great company for every other and can also play together (which makes for nice entertainment incidentally). The downside is double the expense for you.

3. They should be good with children

Maine Coons are renowned for being great with children. they’re fairly robust cats and are good at getting out from under feet. they need tons of patience and a high tolerance level but still, I might always supervise young children around Maine Coons to make sure they treat them kindly. Even the foremost saintly of cats can lose restraint if teased too often.

white maine coon

4. They love to play

Everyone knows how playful kittens are. Maine Coons will play like kittens all their lives if someone will take the time to encourage them. it’s recommended that you simply play with a Maine Coon for a minimum of quarter-hour a day to stay its mind active and satisfy its inbuilt predatory instincts. it’s also a superb way for owners and cats to bond.

We’ve hand-picked the simplest toys for the Maine Coon currently available – ones that have worked and that they haven’t got tired of after 10 seconds. If you’d wish to take a glance at these,

5. They can have health problems

If you buy from a breeder who only breeds from screened cats, your Maine Coon shouldn’t suffer from any genetically transmitted illnesses. If you rescue a Maine Coon from a shelter or take one in without knowing its history, you can’t make sure of its future health.

The main health problems that affect Maine Coons are:

#  Feline cardiomyopathy (HCM)

#  a disease that leads to a thickening of the walls and enlargement of the center.

#  Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) –

#  the symptoms are instability, unsteady gait, and abnormal posture because of the loss of nerves within the lower spinal cord and a weakening of the muscles within the rear legs.

#  Hip Dysplasia (HD) –

#  a genetically inherited malformation of the hip joints.

#  Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) –

#  a genetic disorder where fluid-filled cysts form within the kidneys.

6. They can be trained

If you get a Maine coon you will be able to train it quickly to use a litter receptacle. it will additionally quickly learn routines and program its internal clock.

 it will shortly be waking you for breakfast at the same time daily (say good day to egg-laying in). it will be their observation from a window as you arrive home from work daily.

7. You should get them insured

Health insurance is important once you own a Maine Coon. perform some research and remember the annual costs before you purchase your cat. If you can’t afford the monthly premiums then you presumably won’t be ready to afford to buy the prices of any expensive medical treatments that your cat might need at some point.

Vets bills can run into thousands of dollars very quickly and once you own a Maine Coon you’ll be devastated if you can’t afford any treatment it’s going to unexpectedly require. Another thing you ought to know is that if you don’t have insurance and find yourself paying out for a condition your cat develops you then won’t be ready to find an insurer who will cover that condition should it arise again.

If you’re already insured and claim for a condition then an equivalent insurer will always disburse again if the condition recurs.

two cute cats

8. They don’t like being left alone

Maine Coons like company and don’t like being left alone. It’s not an honest idea to go away any cat alone for quite 24 hours at a time. you’ll be ready to put enough food down or leave an automatic pet feeder but your cat might be in danger if it injures itself or falls ill. If it’s an inside cat its litter tray is going to be soiled and it’s going to prefer to the restroom elsewhere in your house. If you often away confirm you’ve got someone who can enter and look after your cat.

9. They can grow to quite a size

A fully grown Maine Coon can home in weight from 8 to 18 pounds and reach a height of 8 to 16 inches. you ought to not attempt to smash any existing records by overfeeding a Maine coon because you’re more likely to finish up with an overweight and unhealthy kitty than you’re to win any recognition.

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samson the largest maine coon

10. They like to scratch at things

I’ve saved this because the grand finale, it should follow a paradiddle … MAINE COONS are often QUITE DESTRUCTIVE. OK. There. I’ve said it. But you are doing have an opportunity to attenuate the damage to your furniture if you provide your cat with many belongings you don’t mind it scratching and use positive distraction techniques and praise to urge it to scratch those things instead. Catnip aerosol is available handy.

It’s made form a herb that cats can’t seem to resist the smell of. If you spray a scratching post with it hopefully your cat will scratch there and you’ll reinforce this with praise so your cat knows you approve. Unfortunately, your cat might still have a go at your furniture in spite of this. It’s not being naughty; it’s just behaving instinctively to physically mark its territory, shed dead outer layers from its claws, and flex and work its muscles. Unfortunately, indoor cats do seem to cause more damage during this way. Is it something you’ll tolerate?

white main coon

11. They should be good with other animals

Many families have Maine Coons, other cats, and dogs under an equivalent roof, living in perfect harmony. Introducing a Maine Coon kitten into a home with existing pets is typically a smooth operation.

However, if you own a Maine Coon for a few time then introduce a replacement pet you’ll need to do that cautiously because Maine Coons are rather territorial. It can take time and patience using separate areas of the house then a gradual bringing together.

12. They have a good lifespan

A healthy Maine Coon without inherited genetic conditions can survive on the average between 10 and 13 years. many of us I do know have Maine Coons far older. My two have just turned 14. So as long as you look after a Maine Coon properly, you ought to have many happy years together. to stay a Maine Coon’s health on target it’ll get to have annual vaccinations and health checks, a well-balanced diet, many exercises, and a loving owner.

13. Neutering or spaying is a good idea

Unneutered males are often very difficult as indoor cats. they’re going to sense the decision of the wild and can often exhibit unwanted behavior like spraying around the house. They also tend to exhibit a touch of more aggression. Unspayed females will seem wanting to get out whenever they are available into the season and should attend great lengths to flee from the house.

maine coon

14. They shed fur

Maine Coons shed tons of fur throughout the year. this is often more manageable if you groom your cat regularly. you’ll still find you’ve got to vacuum cat fur up very often. you’ll also find cat hair stick extremely well to your clothes. If you purchase a Maine Coon also buy a supply of lint rollers – they’re going to are available handy. you would possibly want to take a position during a cordless vacuum too.

15. They are prone to dental problems

Maine Coons tend to suffer from gingivitis which is an irritation, redness, and inflammation of the gingiva (the part of the gum around the base of the teeth). If a Maine Coon is diagnosed with gingivitis it must be treated quickly or it can cause far more serious gum disease and tooth loss.

Many people brush their Maine Coon’s teeth on a day to day with a special cat toothbrush and paste. Again, it’s worth starting this when a cat remains a kitten in order that it’ll accept it as a part of the daily routine.

16. Are they hypoallergenic?

Maine Coon cats are simply the foremost loving, adorable and caring cat breed you’ll own. However, thanks to their grooming habits, long fur, and allergens found within saliva. the answer to “are Maine Coons hypoallergenic?” is no, Maine Coon Cats aren’t hypoallergenic.

While this might be a problem for a few, many of us around the world own Maine Coon cats despite minor symptoms concerning cat allergies.

Of course, affected by cat allergies isn’t ideal, however, if you learn and research ways during which to enhance your ability to affect the allergens any cat may produce. this may assist you still own and manage your cat’s living environment effectively and make sure you both have an honest quality of life.

If you’re looking to adopt or own and Maine Coon cat and you’ve got never owned one before, we might highly recommend seeking out friends or family that already own cats and experiencing them first hand to ascertain if you show any sign of being allergic to cats. Alternatively, you’ll ask breeders or places during which you’ll adopt Maine Coons and seek advice on the way to affect cat allergies if they arise.

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