13 TOP Siamese Cats Facts That You Never Know About

kitten siamese

1-Key Characteristics of Siamese Cats

Siameses are unique cats, with their long and angular elegance and coat coloration.

Weight: 9–15 pounds (male); 6–12 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy: 15–20 years

The main coat of the cat is light, and the facial area mask and extremities are dark. This pattern is known as “seal point” coloration. Other colors include chocolate, blue and lilac seal points.

Sometimes cinnamon, fawn, and cream have been recognized.

The cat’s muscular body features:

A long, wedge-shaped head

Long legs, neck, and tail

Large ears and almond-shaped blue eyes

2-Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic isn’t the proper term. No cats are often completely hypoallergenic and not even the hairless cats. Fortunately, Siamese cats aren’t heavy shedder and this is often the rationale they’re good to select for people that are allergic to cats.

Despite the long coat, Siamese shed less which is that the reason it’s often counted as a hypoallergenic breed.

As we’ve discussed above that Fel D1 is that the reason that provides allergies and Siamese also releases this same protein but in smaller quantities.

Since no cat breed is entirely hypoallergenic and not even the Siamese, but Siamese cats are often considered hypoallergenic in comparison with other breeds. Low-level release of Fel D1 protein and low shedding makes them nearly hypoallergenic.

Also Siamese release a really low level of dander which is additionally the most reason for several allergies. Even the cats with no hairs or short hairs have some dander but in Siamese dander present in cats coat is additionally considerably but most breeds.

because of the long silky hairs of the Siamese cats which helps trap the allergens within the cat’s skin and thus it doesn’t spread everywhere as compared to other breeds. It simply means Siamese do no spread much dander and that they are an honest fit an allergy-ridden home.

Siamese likes to enjoy the human company and if they’re groomed with proper care then you’ll keep your home allergen-free.

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3-Where Siamese Cats Came From

While the origin of the Siamese cat remains considered a mystery, a manuscript dating between 1350 and 1700 discovered in ancient Siam (now Thailand) called the Cat Book Poems described a pale cat with a dark facial mask and dark feet, ears, and tail.

The Siam, later called the Siamese, was revered by royals and rumored to be sacred.

Siamese cats were exported and quickly became popular in various countries.

The breed was first seen in Europe in 1871 at a cat show in London, and it later appeared within us in 1879 as a present to the wife of Hayes.

The Siamese cat Club was formed in 1901 within the UK, and therefore the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) recognized the breed in 1906. The Siamese breed is taken into account one among the first pedigreed cat breeds.

4-Black Siamese Cat

black siamese

Siamese cats are known for his or her beauty and elegance. they’re the foremost popular choice among cat lovers and are best known for his or her silver-grey color with azure eyes. you’ll easily recognize these cats by their sleek bodies, triangular-shaped head and from their tiny almond eyes.

These beautiful Siamese cats also are much popular for his or her unique color points which contrast with their white or cream bodies. These Siamese cats aren’t only beautiful but they’re extremely smart too. you’ll find them in brown, orange, cream, and even a blue-colored coat.

The original color of the Siamese was seal point but now they also exist in blue, lilac and chocolate shades. it’s now possible that you simply can also see Siamese cats with red points, dark brown points and in other variants too.

The one thing which is common among all the Siamese cats is that all of them have darker points on the tail, face, and legs, with a light-weight body. But the question is that have you ever ever thought of a Siamese cat during a Black color coat? Yes while they’re doing exist in black but they are very rear to seek out.

5-Siamese Cat Personality and Behavior

The Siamese are known to be one among the oldest royal breeds among cats. This breed is sort of distinct from the remainder not only thanks to its unique physical appearance but also thanks to its strong personality.

they’re surely not just like the regular cat you want to have seen. The Siamese may be a very chatty, highly friendly, and intelligent breed. For those of you who had always preferred to possess a dog as a pet but couldn’t do so thanks to certain restrictions can enter for a Siamese cat.

a few of Siamese personality would remind you of the friendly dog. they’re extrovert in nature and like to fiddle with humans.
let us undergo a number of the strong personality traits of this highly active breed.

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6-Vocal in nature

Siamese Physical traits
The Siamese have strong vocal skills. For all those cat lovers who had the notion that cats are mostly quiet and like to be silent then surely the Siamese would come as a surprise for you.

This breed is recognized to be chatty in nature and that they would like to tell you all about their day. a number of them would tell you ways they destroyed a specific piece of furniture or how they caught a replacement toy or saw an insect.

When the Siameses are during a good mood then their voice is soft and subtle. But once they are angry with something then the voice is sharp and piercing to the ear. So, it might become easier for the owner to differentiate the mood of their pet supported their voices.

Hence, those of you preferring a cat that features a demure nature and is soft then the Siamese isn’t the breed for you. a number of the Siamese like better to hover around their owners constantly with their meows and cries.

7-Compulsive Behavior:

The Siamese are known to possess a compulsive behavior wherein they constantly wish to bite or lick themselves. you’d start noticing this strange behavior even before they’re two years aged. a number of them start sucking any fabric like wool or maybe engage in pica. Hence, if you discover your cat doing such things then it’s time to talk to the vet immediately.

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Siamese cat Adventurous
Siamese would like to poke their nose into everything and anything. they’re curious in nature and like to explore new things.

this is often a breed that prefers to remain outdoors wherein they will start exploring various nooks and corners of the house or the garden. The Siamese breed gets bored easily indoors once they don’t have much to try to to.

Hence, if you favor not let your cat outdoor then you’d got to keep them entertained constantly. Else they might start finding their own route of keeping themselves entertained by tearing any furniture or scratching the posts.

The Siamese also can open the windows to explore the sweetness of nature and do some bird watching.


Siameses are hungry for attention, especially from their owners. they need a demanding nature wherein they like to possess someone constantly around them for the foremost a part of the times.

Hence, if you’re someone who’s getting to be out for nearly the whole day with nobody is reception then surely this is often not the breed for you.

However, you’ll also get another feline companion to stay your Siamese occupied. a number of them may get jealous of the new company but some easily adapt themselves.

you’ll also get some toys to stay the Siamese busy and entertained. Get a cat tree for them in order that they will play and even have their own sweet nap time.


10-Highly Intelligent:

Siamese are additionally known to be the royal breed. they’re one among the oldest breed and also thought to be extremely smart among their counterparts. thanks to their curious nature, they might love exploring various parts of the house.

Hence, you’ll have your house well-stocked with various items like scratching posts, cat trees, window perches, and various interactive toys. you’ll also train your Siamese with a clicker, fetching, and use a leash while traveling outdoors.

The Siamese can take up any opportunity and challenge like opening the window, the door handle or maybe break the treat jar.

11-Loyal and affection:

When it involves loyalty, the Siamese is understood to be more sort of a dog than a cat. Siamese prefers to remain around with people and become protective of their owners.

They easily form strong bonds and may begin in defense of those for whom they care. They mostly have a definite liking towards a specific member within the family.

Once they develop a liking then they constantly follow that person everywhere within the house. They immediately cuddle up and feel comfortable with them.

As an owner, you would like to require out a while to bond well together with your cat else they might get upset or bored easily.

12-Lively and Active:

Do not pass the exotic and delicate appearance of the Siamese. they’re highly active and wish to fiddle to stay entertained. Hence, it becomes a challenge to stay indoors. Siamese have understood nearly as good hunters and may get home any prey.

The Siamese is a superb breed with loyalty and friendliness topping the personality charts. you’ll perform some research before getting one home since it’s going to appear to be a challenge for all the first-timers.

13-How much do Siamese cats and kittens cost?

Due to the very fact that Siamese cats are among the foremost common domestic kitties everywhere the planet, you shouldn’t be surprised that they’re quite affordable whilst kittens.

what proportion do Siamese cats and kittens cost? Here are some tips that could confine mind:

You can find Siamese kittens for around $400 – $600 USD.
Kittens and young cats from top-notch breeders can cost over $1,000.
Pure Siamese cats cost above $800 albeit they don’t accompany a show-worthy pedigree.
The prices of Siamese cats around the world are similar, so an EU Siamese typically won’t cost you but an American one.

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