Do you believe you recognize all there’s to understand about cats? Well, I bet not! Here are 5 feline facts that are bound to surprise even the foremost knowledgeable cat owner. See for yourself!

Kitties are so mysterious! you’re dead wrong if you think you’ve got all the facts alive on these wonderful creatures. I even have had cats for pets all my life, and my kitties always find how to astound me!

And here are a couple of more fun cat facts:

Cat Facts surprising thing about cat new owners

#1 Cats have their own Goddess

In the time of the good Pharaohs of Egypt, cats were worshiped and there was a Cat Goddess named Bast or Bastet. She was a warrior cat Goddess and has been shown as both a lioness also as a female with a cat’s head on her body.

Bastet protected households, also as made sure no spirit or sickness attached the ladies and youngsters of the house. Many Egyptians worshipped Bastet and she or he was quite popular. Plus, all cats were sacred to the present goddess, so make certain to not make your cat mad or they could pray to Bastet to strike you down!

#2 the Egyptians made mummy cats

As you’ll know, the Egyptians worshiped felines, partially because they caught and killed vermin like snakes and mice which successively kept the food supply safe. This was an important job so that they honored the cats once they died by turning them into mummies, a bit like they did the good Pharaohs.

One expedition even found many thousands of cat mummies inside a temple dedicated to Bastet, the Goddess we mentioned earlier. The people mourned the death of a cat as if the animal was a person’s being and even punished people by death if they killed a cat!

#3. cats have perfected Landings

You may know already that cats can twist their bodies in midair and thus usually land on their feet once they fall or jump from a high distance. This ability is understood as a righting reflex. Even tiny baby kittens only a couple of weeks old are capable of doing this at 3 weeks old and by 7 weeks they need perfecting this act!

Our felines have a really interesting sort of structure, they don’t have a collarbone and their backbones are quite flexible which is a few of the explanations they will land so well on their feet.

#4 The Fact on Catnip

Did you recognize that not every cat within the world even likes catnip or gets high on it? It’s true! the truth is the maximum amount as half the cats within the world don’t give one tail swish about this famous herb. The ingredient that creates the remainder go nutty is named nepetalactone, and if a cat is sensitive for this, then it gets passed right down to their offspring.

#5 Who is my cat’s father?

Did you ever notice that many times kittens during a litter look different? Well, it’s going to shock you, but kittens during a single litter can have quite one daddy! The mom cat can mate with quite one boy cat when she goes into heat, and one or more of them might be the one that fertilizes the eggs that become her kittens.

which of these cat Facts that surprise you and you didn’t know about.