10 Strange Cat Behaviors Finally Explained

Does your cat behaviors confuse and frustrate you, making you think that you’re the sole one with such a crazy cat? you’re not the sole one, and surprisingly your cat could be considered completely normal.

study 10 weird cat behaviors, why cats do them, and the way you’ll learn to measure with them or maybe enjoy your quirky kitty’s antics.

1- Some alone time

cat behavior changes

Have you ever wanted to play or cuddle together with your cat, only to be met with a chilly shoulder? While you’ll initially think your feline is just oblivious to its surroundings, researchers at the University of Tokyo have found that there’s something a touch ruder happening.

during a study of 20 domesticated cats, researchers determined that about 30% of felines sampled essentially ignored those that called bent them.

So don’t worry, you’ll probably isn’t an entire jerk and should just be affected by behavior deeply rooted in its evolution.



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